Water quality monitoring in mining industry

Continuous monitoring of water quality in mines, during reclamation and reprocessing of rocks, and after water is returned to the environment is the key to a responsible, efficient and sustainable way of mining.


Ensuring safety and

A comprehensive approach to water monitoring, environmental protection, and accident prevention in the mining industry

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Monitoring water quality in the mine environment

Continuous monitoring of water quality in the mining environment enables us to anticipate potential problems and ensure seamless and safe mining operations.

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Enviromental protection

Controlling the quality of water in mines and tailings ponds and the water that is discharged back into the environment helps minimize the neqative impact of mining and industry on surrounding ecosystems.

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Accident prevention

Monitoring water quality can help prevent accidents and incidents such as industrial accidents, watercourse contamination or groundwater contamination.



IMS Rover includes PLC, an industrial computer and a GSM/LTE router. Optional accessories include an additional antenna system, solar collector and battery.

Enclosed in a metal enclosure, it resists freezing, tropical heat, water and dust in accordance with the IP66 standard. Up to 12 multi-parameter probes can be connected to the system, and an equal number of relays can be connected to control valves or other active elements.

IP 66

IP 66

IP 66

up to 12 probes

IP 66

10 Ah/day


SCADA system and early warning

Monitor water quality in real time.

In mines, tailings ponds and watercourses where wastewater is subsequently discharged so that the customer has a continuous overview of key water parameters. The mine site management has a continuous overview of of key water parameters.

Flawless driving

The system enables precise measurement and various degrees of automation - from pump control to water oxygenation to chemical dosing.

SM extends mine management to include wide-area water quality monitoring, joint supervision of multiple mines simultaneously, and a high level of integration with third-party systems such as public platforms for early warning in the event of a hazardous spill.


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