A New Dimension of Mobility for Water Parameter Measurement

Mobile measurement system

A simple device that turns your mobile phone into a professional measuring instrument.

Easy storage of measured records and subsequent sharing via email, instant messaging services like WhatsApp, or the cloud.

Precise date/time and GPS tagging of records when measuring in the field or on a boat. Extensive data export options for further analysis.

Support for 4-20mA and MODBUS RTU Gryf probes.

Low electrical consumption of GRYF probes allows for several hours of continuous operation from a mobile phone battery.

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IP 66

Compliant with all GRYF probes

IP 66

up to 8 hours

standard mobile phone battery
IP 66

IP 65

For technicians

The service of stationary probes has never been easier. After connecting the probe, it is possible to perform its diagnostics or calibration using only the interface and a mobile phone.

Calibration protocols in PDF format can be sent separately or in bulk, after completing the service intervention.

A number of software features, such as a calibration guide or the restoration of factory settings, enable the identification and removal of most issues caused by previous unprofessional interventions.

There is no longer a need to share a single handheld device among multiple technicians and worry about its readiness for use.


  • 01
    Mobility and Flexibility Transforms a regular mobile phone into a professional measuring instrument, enabling easy measurements in various locations.
  • 02
    Easy Data Handling Simplifies storage, sharing, and export of data for seamless integration and extensive analysis options.
  • 03
    Energy Efficiency Low electrical consumption ensures long battery life for continuous operation.
  • 04
    Comprehensive Support and Diagnostics Offers integration with 4-20mA and MODBUS RTU, along with diagnostic and calibration capabilities, for reliable and precise measurements.
  • 05
    Practicality for Technicians Numerous software features and guides enable technicians to easily identify and resolve issues, enhancing overall process efficiency.

Basic technical parameters

Connection of external probes Shielded cable, total cable length up to 100m
Power supply of Intelligent probes 15V / 20mA
Power supply via USB cable
Communication 4 - 20mA, MODBUS RTU
Operating temperature range -5 °C ÷ 50 °C
Storage temperature range -20 °C ÷ 70 °C
Dimensions 95 x 70 x 19 mm

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