About the company

GRYF is a world leader in electrical equipment with a thirty-year tradition. With innovation and care, it offers a wide range of industrial instruments and gas analyzers together with custom engineering.

With the integrity of a family background, the company has earned the trust of customers around the world in many industries, from aquaculture to metallurgy.


For over 30 years we have been offering the best products

GRYF's vision is to continually innovate and deliver exceptional electrical equipment that brings value to customers in all industries and establish GRYF as a world leader in the industry.

History of the company


Establishment of the company

GRYF was founded by Václav Navrátil as a manufacturer of small series, custom-made electrical equipment.


Market entry

The first version of the handheld pH meter is launched GRYF 208 pH, which largely determined the future focus of the company.

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New product lines

This year saw the arrival of another, very successful range of handheld GRYF 464, followed a year later by the GRYF 7000 line of industrial instruments.

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Change of legal personality

In 1997, the company changed its legal personality to GRYF HB, spol. s r.o., referring to its place of business in Havlíčkův Brod.


The legendary GRYF 9000

This year brought the next generation of industrial instruments, the GRYF 9000, which is recognized for its exceptional quality and durability is still in demand today.

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The basis for the Gas Analysis Division

A system for measuring precise CO and CO2 concentrations was developed for the GRYF 9000 platform, laying the foundation for the future stand-alone gas analyzer division.

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Enter the world of archives and museums

Introduction of the AR50-G (later WT50-G) demineralized water maker for the preservation of old bookplates. The system is quickly accepted by the market and soon becomes a standard part of the equipment of archives and museums.

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A significant milestone

Completion of the development of the OXY platform represented a significant milestone for the company.

Based on the platform, a family of of zirconium dioxide-based gas analysers, paramagnetic technology and fuel cells.

At the end of the same year, the OXY-ZM analyzer is acquired by is certified by LLOYD Marine for marine use.

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Measuring the strength of oil layers

The custom research and development programme adds another product,In-Phase, for measuring the power of oil layers in hydrogeological wells.

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Breakthroughs in aquaculture and the military

Another crucial moment in the direction for the company was the launch of the XB4-S probe. It is used to accurately measure the level of dissolved oxygen in aqueous media based on the optical principle.

The probe was quickly adopted by the world's leading aquaculture companies and the GRYF brand has become the brand name of choice for GRYF thanks to references such as MOWI, SalMar and Atlantic Sapphire has made an indelible mark on the environment of corporate aquaculture.

In cooperation with the University of Defence of the Czech Army Republic completed the development of the Sorptest system, a device for testing the permeation of combat gases through protective equipment using QCM (Quartz Crystal Microbalance) technology. In connection with this, GRYF has been awarded NATO approved supplier status.

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New company management

In line with the policy of preserving the family character, the the founder's son-in-law takes over the management of the company Václav Navrátil, Michael Janeček. Thanks to his previous experience in corporate environment and capital input, he helps to maintain and develop the company's high standards in the following years. in the challenging years ahead.

In the middle of the same year, a significant decline to a halt in sales in Chile due to with the widespread civil unrest known as 'Estallido Social'. As a result of the security situation most of the development projects in the region have been put on hold.

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Pandemic COVID-19

The full impact of the COVID-19 pandemic has already been felt. Anti-epidemic measures have halted construction new fish farms across the continents and with it GRYF's export performance, which which until mid-2019 accounted for over 85% of its of its turnover. Some production programmes had to be put on hold and the company began to prepare for a post-pandemic market dislocation.

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Investment in development

In 2021, the stabilisation programme reduced the number of products supported, allowing a shift a significant part of the funds to further development.

In contrast, the aquaculture product line was was added to the aquaculture product line with the addition of proprietary pH, ORP and salinity probes; A custom PLC and control system is added.

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Integrated Fish Farming Management

After intensive research and development in pandemic years, the platform was launched in 2022 Integrated Fish Farming Management (iffman.com).

The system is designed with the situation in which a number of previously established development companies aquaculture companies have lost their former size and a number of smaller successor companies are entering the market with a need for a strong, dedicated technology partner. The platform immediately gained the attention of of the resurgent Chilean market.

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Innovative range of gas analysers

In January, an innovative range of OXY2 gas analysers was introduced and a strategic cooperation with the British company Oxysystems Ltd.

With this valuable partnership, GRYF has gained the status of exclusive supplier of precision gas analyzers for the most technologically advanced oxygen and nitrogen concentrators on the world's markets.

The OXY2-Z analyzer was also selected as a standa- rd solution for use in gas concentrators supplied by NATO.

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