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The XB3-S probe measures oxidation reduction potential. ORP is an indicator of the proportion of oxidation and reduction substances in a solution. The probe consists of a stainless-steel head with the option of replaceable electrodes, a body with integrated electronics and a durable cable. Measuring water ORP is an important water quality parameter and is appropriate in cases combining aquaculture and aquaponics, when certain species of plant require specific (or suitable) conditions for growth.

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Watch video about probe calibration

The calibration and setup processes for your probes are intended to be as straightforward as possible. You will instantly understand how to correctly configure your probes so that they will precisely match the conditions you will need to have for the greatest aquaculture environment! You will be able to handle it on your own after watching this brief and simple video.

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If the ORP probe is located at the inflow, it is also capable of detecting intermittent water pollution. Monitoring ORP dynamics in the fish farm’s biological filter environment is of particular importance. Just like the XB2-S probe, the XB3-S probe uses an external gel electrolyte supply tank and a multi-level reference system, which prevents the probe from being poisoned by sea water and extends its service life.

  • 01 Highly-durable sheath intended for fresh water and salt water application
  • 02 Protection of electrodes against growth of biological encrustation
  • 03 Long service life
  • 04 Minimum operating costs
  • 05 Nano-filter preventing growth of microorganisms



Basic technical parameters

Power supply external source 18 ÷ 35V DC/ 30 mA
Signal output 4 ÷ 20 mA + MODBUS
Temperature measuring range -20 ÷ 120 °C
Temperature measurement accuracy ± 0,2 °C; ± 1 dig.
Voltage measuring range -1200,0 ÷ 1200,0 mV
Voltage measuring accuracy ± 0,01 %; ± 1 dig.
Input resistance for ORP sensor 1012 Ω
Operating temperature range 0 ÷ 50 °C
Storage temperature range -20 ÷ 70 °C
Pressure range 0 to 1 bar (0 ÷ 10 m water column)
Temperature compensation automatic -10 ÷ 110 °C
Protection rating IP 68
Dimensions (probe) 270 x 36 mm
Dimensions (box) 320 x 200 x 75 mm
Material stainless steel 1,4404; PVC-U black; PUR (cable)
Maximum immersion depth 30 m

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