We can build a system according to the customer's wishes - for any gases and required concentrations. Send us a simple question and our specialist will contact you.

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Our analyzers provide precise and reliable oxygen measurement, offering a significant advantage. Achieve optimal monitoring and control of oxygen levels in your environment for the best results and a healthy process.

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Custom system

Upon demand, we provide consultancy, design, and development of custom measuring systems. From stationary coal gas analyzers in the mining industry to mobile ppm CO/CO2 systems for the military.

Tell us more about your desired application, gasses composition, required measuring precision, and lay the R&D in our hands.

Kindly leave us a contact and a brief description of your project. Our specialist will contact you shortly for more details to set up the cooperation.



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As a supplier of premium gas analyzers to the most advanced concentrator producers, we can help you choose the right solution for your application.

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