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GRYF 463 - Oximeter, thermometer

Processor handheld device for measuring dissolved oxygen and temperature

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Processor handheld device for measuring dissolved oxygen and temperature

GRYF 463 is a microprocessor-controlled battery-operated hand-held instrument. A device designed to measure the dissolved oxygen and the temperature. Its ergonomic shape allows one-handed operation, so it is suitable not only for laboratories, but also for field work and operations. The device is controlled by four buttons that are similar to the PC: use arrow keys UP, DOWN, ESC, ENTER. The multifunction display (LCD) clearly displays all measured variables and other accompanying data and messages. The display shows the main measured value and the accompanying temperature variable.



The oxygen concetration measurement function is equipped with automatic temperature compensation (ATC), ie. when measuring the dissolved O2, the temperature used for calculating the final displayed value is measured at the same time.

A Clark type oxygen sensor with an implanted temperature sensor is used to measure oxygen. The main measured quantity can be displayed in two ranges of mg/l or in % saturation.   

If the device is equipped with a voltage output, the measured data can be transferred to another device (eg a recorder).

The device is powered by a 9V battery. A drop in its voltage is indicated by the "Bat" message. The automatic shutdown is set to 5 minutes. The auto power off function can be turned off.  



Oxygen concentration range0.00 – 5.00mg/l; 0.0 – 80mg/l
Range, min. step0 – 400% , 1%
Oxygen concentration accuracy 0.5% ±1 dig
Temperature compensation automatic 0 – 40°C
Temperature measurement range, resolution-50°C – 200°C; 0.1°C
Temperature Accuracy± 0,2 °C ± 1 dig
Temperature sensorNi 1000, 6180 ppm
Voltage output1dig = 1mV
Power supply9V, baterie typ 6F22
Battery life200h (continuously)


GRYF HB, spol. s r. o. is a manufacturer of multi-functional measuring instruments used for measuring electrochemical and physical values such as pH, temperature, conductivity, oxygen, redox potential.

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