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AR 50, 100 GA

Equipment for restaurant and conservation of old prints, water enrichment.
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Equipment for restaurant and conservation of old prints, water enrichment

AR 50 GA, AR 100 GA

  • equipment comparable to the world's top
  • semi-automatic operation
  • comfortable operation
  • low price

Technology description

Raw water from the water system is first treated (demineralized) on MIX-BED ion-exchange resin. After inflowing the selected amount of demineralised water into the storage tank, it is continuously enriched on the special enrichment material NEUTRALIT Ca and NEUTRALIT Mg up to the required hardness of 110 dH. Controlled amount of the carbon dioxide is added to the water during the enrichment. By the amount of CO2, the pH of the enriched water is adjusted to the selected value. When the 110 dH hardness is reached, the instrument automatically shuts off. The manufactured water is taken by the operator using a manual ball valve as required. Once the supply of enriched water has been exhausted, the entire production cycle is repeated. The device can simply select the degree of water enrichment to a value other than 110 dH in the range of 50 to 150 dH. The following quantities are digitally captured and displayed: demi-water conductivity, enriched water conductivity, pH of enriched water.

When handing over, the device is provided with instructions for operation and maintenance and other evidence of safety and reliability under the law 22/97 Sb., NV 168/97 a 169/97.

This machine can be supplied with custom-made tempering baths for embedding and wetting prints. 



pH enriched water6 - 9 pH
enrichment degree50 - 150 dH, preset 110 dH

production time

pipe connection

up to 100 min

hose DN 16

electrical connection

device dimensions W x D x H

230 V /50 Hz / 100 W

580 x 560 x 1 900 mm


GRYF HB, spol. s r. o. is a manufacturer of multi-functional measuring instruments used for measuring electrochemical and physical values such as pH, temperature, conductivity, oxygen, redox potential.

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