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XBase XBP gsm

XBase XBP gsm is the extension of XBase XBP.
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XBase XBP gsm is the extension of XBase XBP. This extension enables sending text messages (SMS) on GSM net upon changing of measured values, which gives permanent control over the measured system.

The basic program is XBase XBP equipped with XBP net function. This program is connected to XBase XBP gsm via TCP a protocol which helps to receive the measured values. It switches on or off imaginary switches according to the measured values. The switch status is displayed in the main window as indicator imitation. Text messages (SMS) are sent according to the status of the switches to preset telephone number. If a switch is active and the preset status reached an SMS is sent once to a preset telephone numbers. Another SMS will be sent if the status changes. 

XBase XBP gsm program can be run on a PC with XBase XBP program or on another location in the net. That can be achieved by connecting the computers into a net with TCP protocol and the PC with XBase XBP gsm program must know the IP address of the PC with XBase XBP (server) program.

XBase XBP gsm - usage

  • Continues supervising of the measuring process via a mobile telephone
  • Reports about non-standard or emergency status

Examples of Other Customer Aplications:
  • regulation of the monitored system
  • archive of measured value
  • evaluation of measured results from several locations
  • evaluation of several values into a defined user format
Algorithm process depends only on customer´s side.


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