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The XBase XBP measuring system fundamentally innovates standardly known and preferred industrial systems used for industrial measuring and controlling technological processes.
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The XBase XBP measuring system fundamentally innovates standardly known and preferred industrial systems used for industrial measuring and controlling technological processes. Thanks to its extensive modularity, just one measuring system is able to serve tens of stations (where an industrial PC is used for evaluation of measured data). This systems outstanding new feature includes the capability to control basic technological processes such as water chemistry modification, temperature control, flow control, etc. using its analog and digital outputs.

Compatibility table of individual XBase heads




Laboratory Head


Connector modification

Custom cable type

Wireless Laboratory Head




Submersible head

Connector modification



Industrial Head

Custom cable type

Custom cable type


Submersible Multiparametric Head

Connector modification



 Key functions include:

  • Measuring up to 16 measuring locations with the basic set-up
  • High accuracy with great comfort for the operator
  • Signalization of exceeded pre-set limits, process control using digital and analog outputs
  • Data-logger function, allowing the collection of measured data at adjustable intervals and real-time
  • Option to export measured data into other formats such as DBF, CSV, TXT
  • Printing measurement and calibration protocols
  • Maximal SLP (GLP) protocol support
  • Recording and archiving all activities that have been performed on the system
  • Technological visualization
  • Providing measured data to other applications via XBC Net or Modbus TCP
  • Controlling technical processes (motor speed control, fluids dosing, switching alarms, sending information to higher-level systems, controlling of the fermenter, etc.)
  • Require Windows PC system



Number of connected probes

1 – 16

Probe power supply

via connecting cable, the probes are galvanic separated from the environment

SLP (GLP) protocol support


PC connection

interface RS232 (COM port) or 10/100Base T (ethernet)

User’s data memory

300 values/ channel

Circle data memory

200 values / channel

Measuring period

adjustable, 0,5 – 60 sec.

Data logger - memory capacity

limited by the PC HDD capacity

Data logger - recording period

1 sec. – 24 hours

Power supply

external source 11 ÷ 37V DC/ 400mA,

consumption is configuration dependant

Electronic switches

up to 16x

28V, 100mA  DC

Voltage or current output

up to 8x

0 – 10V or 0(4) ÷ 20mA

Logic inputs        up to 8x

- input voltage for logic unit

up to 8x

5 – 35V  DC

11 – 60V  AC

Logic input - input resistance

500 Ohm

Working temperature range

0 °C – 50 °C

Storage temperature range

-20 °C ... 70 °C

Magic interface dimensions

used in conjunction with DIN 32 rail number

of modules is dependant on system config.

Minimal PC requirements

RS232 port (COM)

or10/100Base T (ethernet)

MS Windows 2000, XP, Vista, 7


GRYF HB, spol. s r. o. is a manufacturer of multi-functional measuring instruments used for measuring electrochemical and physical values such as pH, temperature, conductivity, oxygen, redox potential.

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