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Automatic leaching

Devices continuously monitoring significant physico-chemical parameters of circulating water and reaching limit values ​​for discharging condensed water.
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Devices continuously monitoring significant physico-chemical parameters of circulating water and reaching limit values ​​for discharging condensed water.

Water cooling circuits, where the cooling is obtained from the evaporating heat of water in the cooling tower, is characterized in that there is a thickening of the circulating cooling water.

If such a circuit does not leach, a high concentration of circulating water occurs, resulting in the solubility of salts present in circulating water being exceeded and their precipitation in the form of incrustations. The size of the leach is determined to be approximate by the size of the evaporation. By observing this rule, the circulating water salt increases to twice the water solubility in the cooling circuit. For example, if the evaporation on the cooling tower is 1 l/s, the leakage is also set at 1 l/s and the inflow of incoming water into the system is then 2 l/s.

In the operation of the cooling towers used for cooling the air conditioners, the constant setting of the cooling tower dew is uneconomical as the leakage rate is fixed to the flow corresponding to the rated cooling power of the tower. In times when the weather does not reach extreme temperatures, the cooling performance of the tower is less utilized, the evaporation is much lower than the set leaching and does not even reach a double concentration.

The automatic leaching device operates on the following principle: The device continuously monitors the significant physico-chemical parameters of the circulating water and, when reaching the limit values ​​of these parameters, ensures the discharge of condensed circulating water. Prior to installing this device, physico-chemical analysis of the tap water is first performed and critical parameters are determined, exceeding the risk of of creating encrustation of the cooling towers.

Automatic leaching then continuously monitors the set parameters. After exceeding these parameters, the drain valve opens and starts to drain the condensed circulating water. At the same time, the cooling circuit is filled with fresh water and thus the values ​​of the monitored parameter are reduced. After this parameter is lowered below the relevant set value, the drain valve closes.

Electrode design: electrode tip - titanium, insulator - ceramics.

probe body - stainless steel thread G3/8.

maximum working overpressure: 32 bar at 239°C,

Electrical connections: coaxial connector with a two-core cable l, 25 m

Installation to the system: 

1. Measuring chamber S10 stainless steel

2. Measuring chamber S11 steel - flanged version pressure class: PN40



• fast return on investment

• energy saving

• chemicals saving

• full automation - human factor exclusion (failure)

Furthermore, we are able to provide an adjustment of the inlet boiler water:

• filtration

• decarbonisation

• softening

• demineralization

• dosing boiler chemistry


The price of this device can not be accurately determined because it is influenced by the price of the used electrode + installation and drain valve.

This price is determined on the basis of specific documents.


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