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GRYF 9202 - pH meter, thermometer

The GRYF 9000 series measuring instruments are modular measuring instruments designed for industrial measurement.
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The GRYF 9000 series measuring instruments are modular measuring instruments designed for industrial measurement.

The device can be used separately as an autonomous measuring and control unit with the possibility of transmitting the measured quantity or it can be set up using the RS485 digital communication line into measuring groups (up to 32 units) connected to the PC. In such an assembly, it is possible to perform on the PC visualization of the technological process, to transfer and archive the measured data, to control the technological process using the measured values, to transmit different levels of messages and alarms. Archived data can be further processed in a spreadsheet (data is stored in DBF files). In case of PC failure or communication, individual modules can switch to autonomous measurement and control mode. When using the RS485 line, the measured temperature can be transmitted next to the main measured value.

The instrument is operated by four buttons on the front panel. Some functions may be protected against unauthorized interference in the menu (eg prohibition of setting of PI controller parameters, prohibition of calibration). The measured value is displayed with a 5-digit LED visible.


GRYF 9202
Measuring range pH meter, mV meter0.00  14.00 
Accuracy of pH meter measurement, mV meter±0.01 , ±1dig.
Input resistance of pH meter, mV meter1012 Ω
Temperature compensation of pH meteraut. 0 – 100°C
Temperature measurement range-50 – 200 °C
Temperature measurement accuracy ±0.1°C ,  ±1 dig.
Power voltage12 – 35V  DC / 12 – 24V  AC 
Power consumption from the power supplymax. 3W
Consumption from the clamps of the rectifier (S30, S31)max. 200mA
Consumption from the inner source 5V  (S32, S33)max. 100mA
Electronic switches (logic outputs)28V , 100mA  DC
Log. input - voltage for logic 1– 35V  DC / 11 – 60V  AC
Operating temperature range– 50°C
Storage temperature range-20 – 80°C

Internal modules of the 9000 series

Regulatory module

- voltage

Range of voltage outputs0 – 1V , 0 – 5V , 0 – 10V
Max. recommended load current2mA

- pulse

Impulse output range0 – 110 impulse / min
Limit values ​​of the impulse switch28V , 100mA  DC
Pulse widthca. 100 ms

Transfer module

- analog - current line

Current outputs range0 – 20mA  or  4 – 20mA
Voltage availability8V
Maximum loop resistance400 Ω
Nonlinearity of the transfer exciter of the current line0.1%

-  digital

RS 485Communication simple Master-Slave text protocol
Current outputs range0 – 20mA  or  4 – 20mA

The 9000 series devices can be fitted with modules according to the requirements for process control and data transfer devices (one control module and one transmission module).


GRYF HB, spol. s r. o. is a manufacturer of multi-functional measuring instruments used for measuring electrochemical and physical values such as pH, temperature, conductivity, oxygen, redox potential.

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