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XBase XBM is a portable version of the XBase line containing the most functions of its industrial predecessors.
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XBase XBM is a portable version of the XBase line containing the most functions of its industrial predecessors. Thanks to its ruged design it is ideally suited for outdoor applications as well as laboratory use.

XBase XBM is a portable measuring system equipped with IP67 coverage. This feature classifies the XBase XBM for outdoor measuring and for working in heavier climatic conditions. This system can measure up to four values at a time and allows the use of either submersible probes with IP 68 coverage, or  laboratory probes.

When the recording interval is set to 20 minutes, the XBase XBM can perform measurements for a period of about 1 month on its own internal energy source. A reserve accumulator can be obtained for longer lasting or more frequent monitoring.

Key functions include:

  • Rugged portable measuring system with IP67 coverage
  • Up to three any values at a time (pH, O2, Redox,ORP, ISE, temperature, etc.)
  • Submersible probes IP68
  • Datalogger - up to 100 000 values
  • Data export - DBF, CSV, TXT
  • XBase Graphs - software
  • User accounts
  • GPS optional
  • Fully compatible with GRYF's new optical sensor

Technical Specifications

 Attributes Data
Probe connection cable 
Number of connected probes1  3  (multi-parameter probe up to 4)
Probe power supplyvia connection cable, the probes are galvanic separated from the environment
SLP (GLP) protocol supportYes
PC connectionPDA with interface3 or USB
Minimal PC requirementsRs232 port (COM) or USB, MS Windows 2000, XP, Vista, 7
User data memoryshared and separated record
Circle data memory100 values / channel
Measuring periodadjustable,  1  60 sec.
Data logger - memory capacitylimited by the PDA memory (16MB)
1MB…approx. 30000 values
Data logger - record period2 sec.  24 hod.
Power supplyinternal accumulator, changing-external source 230VAC/12V DC
Working temperature range0 °C  50 °C
Storage temperature range-20 °C  80 °C (depending on the PDA type)
CoverageIP 67
Data storageinner PDA memory data transfer to PC


GRYF HB, spol. s r. o. is a manufacturer of multi-functional measuring instruments used for measuring electrochemical and physical values such as pH, temperature, conductivity, oxygen, redox potential.

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