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XBase XBC client

XBase XBC client is the extension of XBase XBC. It enables distant visualisation of measured values by XBase XBC system via TCP Protocol.

Measured values proceeded by running XBase XBC program are transferred via TCP server to other applications, in this case it is XBase XBC client. Magic XBC client program receives data from XBase XBC server and displays them. Next to simple displaying the user can also store the data into own user memory and own datalogger. Those memory functions are independent on XBase XBC server. XBase XBC client program can be run on a PC with XBase XBC program or on another location in the net. That can be achieved by connecting the computers into a net with TCP protocol and the PC with XBase XBC client program must know the IP address of the PC with XBase XBC (server) program.

XBase XBC client – Usage

  • Measuring process visualisation in another room or building
  • Possibility of using another independent datalogger
  • Measurement supervision via interne
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