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GAS MIX 018 is designed for regulating the CO2 gas concentration in the outlet gas mixtures (air and CO2).


The system GAS MIX 018 is controlled by the panel computer that regulates the concentration of CO2 gas in the output mixture (air and CO2). The concentration of the CO2 in the gas mixture is measured by the optical sensor with a range of 0-5%. The maximum output flowrate is factory set and tested at 500 l/h. The required concentration of CO2 in the output mixture can be set by the user in the range of 0 to 2(5)%. These parameters can be modified according to technical capabilities and customer's requirements.


Air inlet pressure must not be greater than the pressure at the inlet CO2 (Note: at the same pressure, the system can not be adjusted; the difference should be at least 0.2 bar). The minimum  input pressures should not be less than 1 bar. At lower input pressures, the system will not achieve the desired flow rate of the gaseous mixture (500 l/h). 

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