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XBase XBP Graphs


XBase XBP Graphs is a superstructure of the universal measuring XBase XBP system. This superstructure allows you to view the measured values in the form of graphs. Graphic display options are compared to the basic XBase XBP software expanded to include a variety of functions.

XBase XBP Graphs displays data from the datalogger, or displays actual measured "on-line" data of the basic XBase XBP software. The precondition of these functions is the launching the basic XBase XBP software. Furthermore, data can be saved to a file and load them again for another presentation. XBase XBP Graphs can be run on a computer with the XBase XBP software or anywhere in the network. The condition is obviously connecting these computers to the network with the TCP protocol and that the XBase XBP Graphs have to know the IP address of the computer XBase XBP software (server). XBase XBP Graphs can show measured results of two independent measuring XBase XBP systems, when all these entities are connected via TCP protocol.

GRYF HB company has currently prepared these superstructure applications using XBP Net:

  • XBase XBP client for remote visualization of measurement data via XBase XBP system
  • XBase XBP Graphs, viewing measurement data in the graphs
  • XBase XBP gsm, sending SMS over GSM network based on change of the measured quantities.
If the user of XBase XBP system require another function, he can ensure the creation of client applications himself. The Company GRYF HB will provide free demo client program, including commented  C ++ source code. Alternatively, the company can ensure creation of the client applications according to the customer requirements. 
Price excluding VAT190.63 €
Price including VAT230.66 €