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Measuring head XB8-P


Measuring head XB8 is a universal measuring device, which is designed for signal processing of electrochemical amperometric sensors using the potentiostat.

Thus current values can be recalculated and displayed as variables defined by user. That is, users can assign these recalculated values the new name, quantity and unit name.

 Attributes Data
 Probe power supply Cable via XBase interface
 Protection IP40, submersion design IP68
 Potentiostat measuring range (*)
 15 bit resolution - range
 margin of ranges ± (100nA – 1 mA)
 Potenciostat measuring accuracy ± 0,2 °C; ± 1dig.
 Voltage reference (*) -1000mV – 1000mV
 Temperature measuring range (**) -50,0 – 200,0 °C
 Temperature measuring accuracy ± 0,2 °C; ± 1dig.
 Temperature sensor Ni1000  6180 ppm ;   Pt1000  3850 ppm
(*) These parameters are set during production and it is necessary to specify them in the order.

(**) Measurement range also depends on the type (hardness) of the temperature sensor.

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