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Measuring head XB5-P/2CH


Measuring head XB5 extends the capabilities of measuring system XBase. This head can connect the sensor of any physical quantity that has a defined voltage or current output.

  • Measuring head XB5-P/2CH  –  unimeter 2 channels

The XB5 measuring head is unique in the fact that it is able to receive input voltage or current from an unknown sensor and display its value. This value can be given a value name. Measuring head XB5-un2 works on the same principal with the exception that it is able to measure on 2 independent channels.

Input connections:

 XB 5 XB - un2
1. input temperatureA  1V,  5V, 10V
2. input temperatureA  20mA, 5mA
3. input 10V, 5VA  společná svorka
4. input 1V,500,100mVB  1V,  5V, 10V
5. input 20mA, 5mAB  20mA, 5mA
6. shared clampB  shared clamp

Technical Specifications:

 Attributes Data
Measuring range± 10,000 V; ± 5,000 V; ± 1,0000 V;  ± 500,0 mV;
± 100,00 mV;  ± 20,00 mA; ± 5,000 mA
Measuring accuracy0,01% ± 1dig.
Temperature measuring range-50,0 ÷ 200,0 °C
Temperature measuring accuracy± 0,2 °C; ± 1dig.

Price excluding VAT254.18 €
Price including VAT307.56 €