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Measuring head XB1-P


Measuring head for determining the conductivity and the concentration (cable)

  • XB1-K - Cable head

The conductivity could be determined using this measuring head XB1-E. The sensors are connected to the measuring head using a connector that is hidden inside the head. After connecting the sensor measuring system detects a measured quantity without the user having to adjust anything and the system is ready to measure or calibrate.

Attributes Data
Probe power supplycable
ProtectionIP40, submersion design IP68
Conductivity measuring rangeConductivity      0,00 µS/cm  500,0  mS/cm
Resistance          5,0 Ω – 2000 kΩ
Concentration   0  200 g/l, 0  20%
Number of measuring rangesConductivity, Resistance 5 aut/man, Concentration 5 aut/man
Konc. NaCl ,KCl, NaOH  200 g/l, 0 – 20%  in 5 ranges
Accuracy of conductivity measuring 0,5 %; ± 1dig
Temperature compensationautomatic   -10  110 °C
Constant of temperature correctionflow setting 0 – 3% / K, due to the norm EN 27 888
Reference temperature20°C / 25°C
Temperature measuring range-20  120 °C
Accuracy of temperature measuring± 0,2 °C; ± 1dig.
Price excluding VAT351.48 €
Price including VAT425.29 €