Summary of our services

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Summary of our services

Per request

  • Output inspection
  • Apparatus technical competence protocol (post output inspection)
  • Instrument calibration protocol
  • If necessary, we are able to provide calibration protocols from an accredited laboratory.

Technology design

  • Comprehensive solutions from design to implementation
  • Custom manufacturing proposal implementation for swimming pools, wastewater treatment plants, fish farms and other applications.
  • Reporting emergency conditions via SMS


  • We provide full warranty and post-warranty repair of all our equipment.
  • A warranty card must be submitted with every warranty repair.
  • Products to be repaired are to be sent to our companys address with a description of the defect or deliver in person.
  • If arranged by phone some defects may be fixed while you wait.


  • We provide a complete service of all our products supplied equipment.
  • We provide regular service maintenance in industrial applications.
  • We are able to customize our products to above-standard requirements.

Terms and conditions

Sales terms and business contract details are available upon request. We hereby inform, should a customer raise a law suit, he or she is bound to do so in a Czech Court of law. This public information is obligatory to any purchases and contracts between GRYF HB, spol. s r. o. and the ordering party or goods recipient. This public information is bound to all customer purchases regardless of the shipping destination or the customers address. This public information is available on the GRYF HB, spol. s r. o.  website at all times and thus does not need to be included in a price quotation or in an issued invoice.  Individual terms and conditions can be arranged.

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